Air and Sea Show Produced by Mickey Markoff

Mickey Markoff is perhaps best well-known for  the  Air and Sea Show. Always on the prowl for new opportunities to honor the nation’s patriots, Mickey Markoff helped to showcase the event as executive producer of the show. Markoff launched and promoted the Air and Sea Show from its beginning in 1995, and retains this position today. A quick peep into Mickey Markoff’s professional experience illustrates his dedication to honouring America’s heroes. He has helped to organise the annual air show, bringing the South Florida community together and drawing crowds of thousands of people from around the world to the beaches in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Mickey Markoff – MDM Group

Mr. Markoff also serves as President of MDM Group, an innovative South Florida firm that develops effective multidimensional marketing campaigns. MDM group specializes in the development of world class events, making Markoff well-suited to his event organization. A prowler for innovation, Mickey Markoff is consistently on the lookout for ways to improve business. Mickey is a dedicated professional, and skilled in strategic planning, marketing, and public relations. His expertise has enabled him to effectively organize dozens of events as an executive producer, as well as to assist other businesses and corporate sponsors to develop their ventures, as well. His professional work has helped to enhance local business and boost economic activity in South Florida and beyond. Markoff has worked with several corporate sponsors throughout the years, including Hyundai, McDonald’s, and more.

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