Lima Lima Flight Team

The Lima Lima Flight Team started with one flying club. The Mentor Flyers, Inc. was organized as a non-profit corporation in 1975. It was chartered as a 15 member flying club, based at Naper Aero Club field, Outside of Naperville, Illinois.  Since formation flying is a uniquely military activity, the Lima Lima Mentors are painted in original Navy training colors. (The only exception to this is the black tail band, which has become the Lima Lima trademark.) The “Lima Lima” name was derived from the FAA designator for Naper Aero Club field, which is LL-10, hence the LL on the tails of our aircraft. The military recognized different levels of formation skills, from basic tactical formation flying to Blue Angels and Thunderbirds demonstration team airshow flying.

The Lima Lima Flight has evolved in the same way. The number of T-34’s available presented the opportunity for us to practice on a weekly basis, and to develop more sophisticated formation skills. This led to a growing core of demonstration pilots. The Lima Lima Flight Team demonstration is flown with six airplanes, It includes several formation configurations, from the six ship wedge and double arrowhead, to the basic finger four and diamond formations. The team has developed a series of formation aerobatics maneuvers which demonstrate the full range of the T-34 performance envelope. Above all, the Lima Lima Flight Team stresses precision formation flying, and keeping the team in front of an airshow crowd during all of it’s maneuvers, from take-off to landing. Lima Lima has performed in airshows from coast to coast and border to border, thrilling more than 100 million spectators with the beauty and grace of their precision performances.

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