U.S. Marine Corps Beach Invasion MAGTF

U.S. Marine Corps Beach Invasion MAGTF

Marines of the Marine Expeditionary Force conduct a Marine Air Ground Task Force demonstration, otherwise known as a “beach invasion.” MAGTF includes air support with helicopters and fighter jets overhead, as a full Assault Amphibian Battalion approaching from the ocean to take the beach by storm. Amphibious assault vehicles move ashore as Marines in full tactical gear rush the beach.

Since World War II in many crises the United States Marine Corps has deployed projection forces, with the ability to move ashore with sufficient sustainability for prolonged operations. MAGTFs have long provided the United States with a broad spectrum of response options when U.S. and allied interests have been threatened and in non-combat situations which require critical response. Selective, timely and credible commitment of air-ground units has, on many occasions, helped bring stability to a region and sent signals worldwide that the United States is willing to defend its interests, and is able to do so with a powerful force on short notice.

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